The Last Straw

Oct 5, 2017

Say No to a Straw

Everyone has come to expect a straw with their drink, but it seems a little silly to us when we all come equipped with perfectly good lips. In the USA alone 500,000,000 plastic straws are used and discarded (fun, yet also depressing fact: that’s enough to wrap around the planet twice!) They end up in landfill if we are “lucky” but more often than not they find their way into our waterways.

So we are ditching them and won’t be offering straws with any of our drinks. If you feel that you really need one, please ask and we will bring one in return for your 50¢ donation to support our partnership with World Vision’s Port Moresby Clean Water Campaign. We won’t judge.

Did You Know

Even though our takeaway coffee cups are made from plants and not oil, we will take 50¢ off the price of your takeaway coffee when you bring your own cup. (These ones are pretty nifty). On the flip side, if you ask for your coffee in a takeaway cup but have it here, we will add a 50¢ World Vision donation for you.

All of our takeaway boxes are BioWare, including takeaway utensils which are made of bamboo.

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