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Jun 9, 2018

We love fresh, local products and they don’t come much fresher or more local than this!

The Little Bone Broth Company

You may have seen them in the latest Metropol, or popping up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds, but if you haven’t this local little company makes a range of collagen and nutrient-rich bone broth – but wait, they also make a vegetarian version, which we are about to head off and pick up from their stall at the Christchurch Famers’ Market when we finish writing this!

Vegetable Broth

Vegan Friendly

Fresh & Local

What really grabbed our attention was that Alex and Cat make their broths from ingredients sourced from within a kilometer of their Richmond home. They hand make only a small amount each week in order to keep their product 100% true to its original recipe, taste and quality. Broths slowly for 3 full days allowing all the goodness to come out of the bones and veges.

Sold in glass jars, they encourage re-use by offering a discount on your next purchase when you bring the jar back.

We just love everything about this little company and are excited to try the vegetable broth, and see what Chef comes up with using it – look for it on our weekly menu additions next week!

The Benefits of Bone Broth, In a Nutshell

• It’s a digestive remedy
• It heals and seals the gut
• It supports our immune system
• It helps heal autoimmune conditions
• It’s great for the skin
• It’s great for arthritis and joint pain
• It fights inflammation
• It helps relieve stress and anxiety
• It’s baby’s superfood
• It helps optimize fertility and pregnancy health
• It’s brain-food for kids
• It’s an anti-ageing beauty-tonic

We are sold – and now we are off to get our hands on some before it sells out!

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