Our Story


The Beginning

The Dux has a long and strong history in Christchurch, so much so that we defy you to find any Christchurch local over the age of 30 that doesn’t have a story about being at “The Dux”. It is truly a Christchurch icon, and it is what makes us who we are.

The Dux that we are talking about is the Dux de Lux which, from 1978 until February 2011, was situated in the Christchurch Arts Centre.

Dux de Lux included 
a Seafood and Vegetarian Restaurant, Brewery Bar (complete with onsite brewery) 
Music Venue, and Functions venue. In addition to these were our two famous large courtyards synonymous with “beers and food in the courtyard”.

Then known as ‘Micro Breweries’ Dux de Lux added one of the first craft breweries in New Zealand in 1989 and went on to be awarded a plethora of brewing awards year on year for each of our staple brews.

Our Tavern Bar Music Venue hosted many of the country’s top performers and in some cases these acts got their start right in our modest and effective music venue.

New Year’s Eve at The Dux was one of the biggest parties in Christchurch and saw nearly all of the biggest acts New Zealand had to offer including the likes of The Exponents, The Feelers, Salmonella Dub, Shapeshifter, Shihad, The Mutton Birds and many, many more.

Christmas Eve also became an enormous night on the social calendar with returning ex-locals meeting up with friends and family. The phrase “Meet you at The Dux” was echoed around the city simply because everyone knew that a great time was always to be had there.

All the elements of what was to come were at home at Dux de Lux, but finding a venue to house these elements in one spot proved impossible…

Dux Live

The first “Duxling” (as they have lovingly been become known) was our live venue music: Dux Live. Having its roots in “The Tav” bar at Dux de Lux, Dux Live began the hospitality push down Lincoln Road.

Keeping the very industrial aesthetic and incorporating the mezzanine floor we set about transforming the room into New Zealand Best Music and Entertainment Venue as awarded in 2014 and 2015 by Hospitality New Zealand. Dux Live saw numerous local and international artists over a multitude of genres.

Dux Live closed its doors in January, 2016

Dux Dine

The classic villa that houses Dux Dine was sympathetically converted into what is now a multi award winning Seafood and Vegetarian restaurant, voted The People’s Choice Best Establishment in 2014 and 2015, among other awards.

Our Seafood and Vegetarian menu at Dux de Lux offered something for forward thinking individuals and quickly proved that even the hardest carnivore could find something on our menu to satisfy. We have maintained this philosophy here at Dux Dine, and we still source our produce as locally as possible, using many of the same local suppliers that we did when we were Dux de Lux 40 years ago, allowing us to offer the freshest product from the land and the sea.

Dux Central

Dux Central incorporates the Brew Bar, Functions Venue and Courtyard from Dux de Lux with the addition of the Emerald Room Wine and Spirit Bar and The Poplar Social Club speakeasy cocktail bar.

At Dux Central we have changed the Dux de Lux rules slightly to better suit the more bar oriented atmosphere and have added meat to the menu for the first time in the Dux’s history.
(03) 366 6919

Terrace Tavern

An internationally styled modern tavern, Terrace Tavern is a very welcoming space, and already feels like it is a part of the fabric of Christchurch.

Terrace Tavern continues the Dux story as a place to catch up over drinks beside the Avon, share some dishes in the front courtyard or enjoy a casual meal in the dining area.

Meet the Family

Four great venues, one philosophy: masters of the finest

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